Care and Maintenance Instructions

Care and Maintenance Instructions


1. Unpacking: Carefully remove the packaging of your carpet. Removing the packaging allows the fibers of the carpet to be ventilated so that they can achieve the optimal structure and height. Once the packaging is removed, make sure it is recycled correctly.

2. Delivery Check: When you receive your carpet, check whether your order meets the specified specifications (color, size, etc.). Also, check for any damage during transportation. If there is any damage to the packaging, please contact us by duly writing this on the delivery note.

3. Avoid Heavy Objects: Avoid placing heavy objects on the carpet roll. Such objects can cause wrinkles or deformations in the pile (thread height) of the carpet. Before placing items on your carpet, make sure the surface is smooth.

4. Handmade Features: Our carpets are completely handmade and each has its own unique character. Small variations in size and color form part of the rug's uniqueness. These special details offer a unique aesthetic, distinguishing your carpet from others.

5. Effect of Sunlight: Exposing your carpet to sunlight for a long time may cause color change. Rotating your carpet from time to time to maintain more uniform colors can balance the effects of the sun and help your carpet last longer.

By placing suitable small-sized carpets at the entrances of your home, office or venue, you can reduce the penetration of dust and moisture that may come from outside onto the carpet. This helps keep your carpet long-lasting and clean.

By following these guidelines, you can maintain the long-lasting, clean and aesthetic appearance of your carpet.


You can follow the detailed instructions below to maintain your carpet:

1. Dust and Dirt Control:

To prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the carpet, you should vacuum regularly, especially in frequently used areas.


2. Vacuuming Techniques:

Comprehensive vacuuming of your carpet should include these steps:
When vacuuming the carpet, move in the direction of the pile.
Use a brushless vacuum head to prevent the fibers from loosening.
Avoid motorized brushes because they can damage the carpet.
Using the high vacuum setting, vacuum at an appropriate level to remove dirt from between the threads.

3. Short Pile Carpets:

It is normal for short pile carpets to shed fibers over time. This will improve over time with frequent vacuuming. Avoid trying to remove fibers by hand or using a brush.


4. Loose Ends and Wrinkles:

Over time, loose ends may appear on the carpet surface. In this case, instead of pulling the ends, you can use scissors to cut them to the same length as the rest of the rug. Wrinkles will disappear over time.


5. Repair of Burns:

If a cigarette or similar object falls on your carpet, a minor burn may occur. You can fix this with brushing or light scraping.


6. Removing Wrinkles:

The carpet is rolled with a certain pressure during transportation and therefore small wrinkles may occur. Once the carpet is opened, these wrinkles will disappear within a few weeks. Using a vacuum cleaner will help the fibers regain their original form.


7. Repair of Pile Areas:

Areas of pile that have become flat due to heavy furniture can be repaired by brushing using a soft brush until the dampened area reaches its original height.

By following these maintenance instructions regularly, you can maintain the long-lasting, clean and aesthetic appearance of your carpet.


Stain Removal:

1. Rapid Response:

When a stain occurs, start cleaning immediately. Intervening before the stain dries makes cleaning more effective.


2. Excess Cleaning:

If the stain is solid, gently remove the excess stain with the tip of a knife.
If the stain is liquid, gently dry the area using paper towels or a clean cloth.

3. Water Soluble Stains:

Use a sponge or damp towel soaked in a special detergent solution for wool.
Do not rub to prevent the stain from spreading.
Gently rinse the surface with a clean cloth moistened with warm water.
Allow the area to dry completely.

4. Oil-Based Stains:

Moisten the corner of the towel with solvent (alcohol, acetone, thinner...).
Do not pour solvent directly onto the carpet.
Gently dry the fibers with a clean towel or hair dryer.

5. Stain Test:

Test a small area of the stain using water, soap, or solvent. This is important to avoid damaging the color and texture of the carpet.


6. Things to Absolutely Avoid:

Avoid aggressive cleaning products such as bleach, rust removers and oven cleaners. Such products may discolour the carpet or damage the fibers.



1. Sweeping:

For easy cleaning of your carpet, use commercially available dry foam or a quality carpet shampoo.
Before starting the cleaning process, vacuum your carpet thoroughly to remove most of the dust and dirt.

2. Professional Cleaning:

Professional cleaning using the injection-extraction method provides effective cleaning by spraying soapy solution on the surface of the carpet and vacuuming it at the same time.
Vacuuming your carpet thoroughly before starting the cleaning process will help you get a more effective result.

3. Things to Consider:

Avoid stepping on wet carpet after cleaning.
Avoid rolling a wet rug as it can damage the fibres.

4. Responsibility Outside the Control of the Process:

We disclaim any liability for any damage that the carpet may suffer as a result of the cleaning procedures applied, but since we want the continued use of our product, we are happy to assist in repairing the damage.

By cleaning your carpet regularly and treating stains quickly, you can ensure that your carpet remains long-lasting and clean.

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